Surfing The Dark Web As An Ethical Hacker {VIDEO}

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Ethical Hacker | Penetration Tester | Cybersecurity Consultant

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About The Trainer:
Loi Liang Yang
Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Certified Ethical Hacker
CompTIA Security+

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  1. Hi, I think have problem with my kali 2020.1 sources.list terminal because I can't save sources respositories in it please how can I do it

  2. Where and how all these stuffs are stored apart from the general internet ?

    How the dark web community survive and is their any way to stop them ?

  3. so its simple to browse onion site by just installing Tor Browser with having a onion link. is it ok to browse normally as we do with firefox or we have to connect vpn before starting tor browser.

  4. Hello Loi! is there a forum/site/anything in the .onion web which could teach ethical hacking (with update information, cuz a lot of information around the surface is outdated) and one of those forums were you can download books etc? Is there a gray forum/site located on the darkweb which we can learn from?

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