The Connection Between Cancer and Dehydration

Water is the key to keeping our cells in optimal health.

As someone who has been touched by cancer and lost both a grandmother and grandfather to lung cancer and a 1st cousin to Leukemia, I am passionate about educating the public about the basic structure of a cancerous cell. Shortly after my grandmother passed away my uncle found out he had lung cancer. Three weeks later he was also dead. I want to bring information to people that will help them prevent it if at all possible.

Hydration is one way in which a healthy adult can possibly avoid the horrible occurrence of cancer in the cell. When cells don’t have the right amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, they begin to die. Our body naturally makes new cells but after awhile, our organs get very tired. Water provides hydrogen and oxygen which fuel the body and brain.

I met a woman whose husband was very ill with kidney cancer. He has suffered a mild stroke and she found him in a cold sweat vomiting. Not knowing what to do, she took him to the hospital to learn that he had kidney cancer. Because their finances were limited and she was facing bankruptcy, she didn’t know where to turn.

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A member of her community had told her about alkalinity in the body and she became fascinated by the connection between dehydration and cell mutation that resulted in cancerous cells spreading and spitting. It was there when she started to focus more upon hydration and holistic methods of gently stimulating the body back into a more balanced state.

The truth is that cancer, when it hits your family, causes you to take stock of your life and habits. Drinking lots more water is a simply way for everyone to be more healthy and avoid possibly coming down with this dreaded disease. Water penetrates the cell and creates a healthy buoyancy. The extra water helps flush out toxins or free radicals.

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Normally our bodies create the necessary antibodies to fight disease, but in a situation where there has been an addition or subtraction of an electron, the body goes into a state of flux.

Drinking more water is easy if you will try to start with a single extra 8 ounce glass per day. While you are drinking the water say to yourself “My body is my temple”. Knowing that your body is your temple allow the water to be a source of ease for you. Although you may not have cancer or you may not have a family member with cancer, it is a great idea to take every precaution to avoid contracting it in your life. Drink water and live a long life. Be well.


by Carla Wynn Mancil