The Highly Unlikely Astral Projection Tips That Work to Make Astral Projection Much Easier

There are some Astral Projection tips out there that may seem as though they are really not that important. First rule in spiritual enlightenment or magick, ‘things are never what they seem.’ So these are some of the more highly unlikely Astral Projection tips that will work to make your attempts at projection much easier. So no matter how insignificant they may at first appear, please do not underestimate them.

A great little tip about Astral Projection that most either just do not know or just do not consider at the time. Is that many subjects which would seem so far removed from the Astral Projection endeavor in reality play a large role in whether or not you succeed. The tip that many overlook is more often than not the only thing holding back your first time entrance to the astral plane. Food and Drink!

Thats right! What you eat and drink have a direct relation to the art and practice of your astral projection. If you are serious about it then you must be made aware of the foods that tend to ‘ground’ the consciousness into the body. I will name a few of them hear.

  • Meats with lots of fat. Meat in general, unless we are talking birds and fish. Even those are still meats but if you must eat meat those are less
  • Peppers. In fact anything spicy is not recommended. I cannot think of any reason for this but throughout my life of studying this subject, time and time again all the trusted resources always say the same thing. Nothing Spicy.
  • Nuts are considered as another ‘grounding’ source working against Astral travel. Peanuts in particular are considered the worst of all the nuts but nuts in general are not good.
  • Alcohol is another really bad anti-agent which works against an attempt at an Astral voyage. It has been widely known and accepted by the True Occult Community that in some instances small amounts of alcohol may be ingested for a positive purpose. But in truth Being Drunk is considered the Menstruum (causing your aura to bleed) for the Astral Plane. It wears heavily on the aura and drives away good energies that would be helpful in achieving Astral Projections.
  • Tobacco is also. (though not as bad,) up there with alcohol and spices. The smoke from tobacco produces a very large number of toxins and releases them directly into your bloodstream.
  • Although ideally you are suggested to fast for a period of time before you make your initial attempts at Astral Projections this may not be viable for some people. Here are some really good foods that are recommended for projections: Raw egg, fruits and vegetables, water or juice.
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Now these are what is recommended in the very beginning, for a novice. Yet once you have become familiar and are a regular to projecting then you may eat what ever it is you like. Now, when you are at that point you will still notice the effects from the negative foods mentioned above.

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The reason I posted these are that they may hold a strong key against your efforts. If you can continue to practice and throw out all the bad foods and drinks you will notice a major improvement. So again these are the highly unlikely Astral Projection tips that are probably slowing you down. In the very beginning they are very important to stay away from.


by Jamie Alan