The Journey of Using Magick to Evolve Through Life Disruption

No one likes deep life disruption.

I’m talking about those deeply turbulent times when things get crazy, it feels like you’re dealing with deep transition, life feels unfair, and it just flat out feels like bad luck.

Some might think it’s crazy to seek out life disruption simply to evolve.

But what if that’s just how it goes?

What if we shifted the way we think about turbulent times in our lives and made it into a good thing?

This is roughly how I used magick to push my life to the limit.

Using magick to steer your evolution is no joke whatsoever.

It’s like a spiritual boot camp where the spirits take you to the next level – but what if you decide mid-way through you’re not ready – that it’s too intense?

Nope. It’s never too intense.

If the spirits are guiding, it’s never too intense.

What’s best for you is often not the same as what we think is best for us.

And the spirits know what to do and how to guide us.

Here are some of the spirits I have used to guide my own evolution:

Lehachiah – Lead you to the lifestyle that is most aligned with your evolution (pushes you gently to the next level)

Yeretel – Inspires you to live a life that gradually pushes you into your growth / evolution through experiencing new things

Keliel – Unexpected pushes you to your new life / through discomfort so that you can grow & evolve in a way that most suits your life path

Ronove – Guides you through your evolution by helping you understand past trials and challenges. Your evolution doesn’t get less smooth, you just understand it more (sometimes the challenges are needed)

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Eligos – Pushes you to the next level by influencing your actions to be in alignment with whatever is best for you. Things might get rough, but you will be stronger because of it.

Aim – Power through your challenges while pushing yourself to the next level with a vision of whatever the next level is beyond that. Very empowering to work with Aim for this.

Notice that everything stated here is related to pushing yourself to the next level. Discomfort is sort of part of the journey.

Also, notice that the demons have very similar powers to the angels; they just work on different aspects of the same thing.

I have personally worked with Leviathan to push my magick to the next level.

Nothing too discomforting or serious, but he showed me exactly who I am and helped guide me to my next level (some parts were very discomforting, but that’s just how it is).

Everyone tends to think these spirits are too rough to work with. My guess is that they’ve never really worked with these spirits before at all, or else they’d know they’re all are pretty easy to work with.

It’s always interesting to see and hear which spirits people are working with. Sometimes even the angels guide in others spirits when we seek out the wrong spirits for something.

In my situation, Leviathan came to me when I needed a stronger push with my evolution and he just provided that little extra nudge to set me over the edge.

Have I used angels to push my evolution? Of course.

One of the easier angels to work with for this is…

Pahaliah – Find your spiritual pathway through magick. Guides you to discovering which spirits are best for your magical or spiritual path; gently pushes your evolution to the next level in the process.

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She is one of the smoother spirits to work with, but don’t be surprised if you’re randomly guided to work with some of the spirits I mentioned earlier.

This is about embracing mild discomfort in small doses so that you can be better, know yourself better, and understand the world around you – what you want, life purpose etc – without confusion.

Evolution in this way is nothing to fret about.

You literally go through discomfort and life changes anyway, so why not have the spirits guide you to your next evolution. Seriously, what do you have to lose by having a spirit, whether angel or demon, guide you to becoming better. It doesn’t make sense not to have them help you. Things can only get better with their guidance.

This is why I pushed so hard with my own development.

I didn’t realize I spoke to Leviathan a few times through meditations and he wanted to work with me more directly – it was pretty unreal to realize that the spirits can help in that way and they honestly make everything a lot easier. You just understand things a lot easier.

I’m not saying you have to work with a demon or angel (elementals, Greek and Sumerian Gods, the Old Ones, and Baphomet are all also very good) but having your evolution guided by a spirit can only be helpful – it is NEVER a bad decision. Ever.

So even if you’ve never thought to use magick for something like this, why not reach out to some spirits to see how they can help you out?


by Donald B. Johnson