The Numerology of a Boxing Legend – Muhammad Ali

He has been considered by many to be the greatest heavyweight boxing champion of all time. If he is not the greatest boxer of all time, he is certainly one of the greatest and, unquestionably, the most loquacious, saying of himself: I’m not the greatest; I’m the double greatest. Not only do I knock ’em out, I pick the round. Who is this most talkative pugilist dubbed The Louisville Lip? It is none other than Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. on 17 January 1942.

Muhammad Ali’s boxing record is extremely noteworthy. Enroute to becoming a professional fighter, Ali won the Light Heavyweight Boxing Gold Medal at the Summer Olympics in Rome in 1960. During his professional career, Ali had sixty-one fights, winning fifty-six (thirty-seven by knockout) with five losses. Impressive.

As great a fighter as Ali was, his life was extremely controversial, with much of the controversy focused on his refusal to serve in the United States Army during the Vietnam war era, publicly declaring himself a conscientious objector. The basis for this, he said, was that his participation violated his Muslim religious beliefs. Ali’s decision brought heated ire from many Americans. He was stripped of his boxing crown but later exonerated by the United States Supreme Court.

  • What double Basic Matrix master number reveals Ali’s uniqueness?
  • From where does Ali’s wordsmith personality originate?
  • What number pattern illustrates Ali’s controversial life?

Ali’s 55-1 Master Revolutionary Number

No master number is more unique, original, independent, egocentric and revolutionary than the 55-1. It is pure fire of the spirit. The double nickel 5s reflect massive freedom; the 1 represents action, independence, self, ego, identity and independence. This 55-1 energy was dominant in Ali’s life role as his PE (Performance/Experience) and in his Material Soul – that part of his numerology chart revealing his worldly desires and motivations. In plain truth, Ali’s destiny was to be a most unique individual. This was corroborated by his own intrinsic desire to be unique, independent and his own person.

The Numbers of a Wordsmith

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Muhammad Ali’s career was his very loquacious, humorous, poetic and often ridiculing speech toward his opponents. The number most representing communication is the 3 which governs Ali’s full birth name, Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., as well as his Soul. In short, Ali loves words and loves to express himself with them. He also has a 9 Nature (Personality). This strengthens the 3 because 9 is a higher octave of the 3 (3 x 3 = 9).

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Corroborating the 3 and the 9 is Ali’s Crown Pinnacle which is a 33 – the master communicator energy. The outcome of this dynamically expressive 33 is a 9, the energy of the public stage, of threatrics and universal appeal.

Having the 3 and 9 in power positions in a chart, however, doesn’t necessarily equate to deriding one’s opponents, as Ali did on a regular basis. For example, of his long time nemesis, Joe Frazier, Ali said, Joe Frazier’s so ugly, they ought to donate his face to the World Wildlife Fund!

This kind of statement is fueled by a notable lack of concern for others, of nurturing, as well as the ability to connect and interact with others on a positive basis. All this can be traced to the 2, 6 and 8 voids in Ali’s birth name. The 2 void simply doesn’t care about others. The 6 void often lacks the ability to nurture and love others on a personal level, and the 8 void often manifests as a disconnect from personal relationship. In a way, having these voids certainly helped Ali become a boxing champion. After all, were he to care about his opponent’s welfare he would not relish beating them up, which is what professional fighters are paid to do.

Numbers of Social Controversy

Muhammad Ali’s social controversy, like his professional success in the ring, was definitely influenced by his 2, 6 and 8 voids. For better or for worse, the lack of attributes associated with these numbers helped form the destiny of Ali. These voids were certainly strengthened by Ali’s 55-1 energy and his 9 Nature – the 1 and 9 in combination being the numeric duo signaling a cornucopia of ego, will, power and dominance more than any two single ciphers acting in concert.

When we look at Ali’s Life Matrix – the internal structure of his Lifepath, we see that the 8v/2v IR Set (Influence/Reality or IR ) is located in his 1st Epoch, 2nd Pinnacle and 3rd Pinnacle, the latter being the core of his 7 Lifepath. This 8v/2v energy pattern was, therefore, predominately active from birth through his 47th year – the timeline of both his professional success and public turmoil.

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With both the 8 and 2 voided, this 8v/2v combination speaks volumes regarding Ali’s total lack of concern for his opponents, which, arguably, is one of the major factors in his success. Yet, it also speaks to his lack of social connection, conflict and public issues regarding his refusal to serve the country that had given him the opportunity to succeed and flourish. The 8 void represents a disconnect in the area of management, orchestration and connection. The 2 void, which houses an 11 master root, reflects the tensions, clashes and adversities with others. Thus, having this 8v/2v IR set in three major locations within his Life Matrix played a major role in both Ali’s professional and personal life.

One other numeric factor regarding Ali’s fighting success was his 7 Lifepath and 7 Material Nature. Other than the 2, the 7 is a number charged with warrior energy, especially the solo warrior, not so much the team fighter, which would be reflected in the 2, as is detailed in the chart of World War II iconic hero, General George Patton. “Old Blood and Guts” was not only a great warrior and leader of men but he was also a staunch believer that an army is a team; that it eats, sleeps and fights as a team. This quality of Patton’s destiny is revealed in his 11-2/8 IR sets dominating the Challenges in his numerology chart.


Muhammad Ali was an extraordinary boxing champion and world icon, as well as being a social revolutionary. The 55-1, 33-6/9, 7 Lifepath and Nature, his 2,6 and 8 voids, as well as the 8v/2v IR set occupying three major timelines in his chart all played major roles in his famous life on both professional and personal levels. As all lives, Muhammad Ali’s life was destined, and the numeric puzzle pieces reflecting his destiny were clearly crafted in the guise of his numbers. ~finis – Copyright by Richard Andrew King


by Richard Andrew King