The Real Zombies of Haitian Voodoo

Haiti has always been one of those places that you keep hearing that some of the most weird and most bizarre of things keep happening. In recent times Haiti has been affected by a mass amount of cases of people turning into zombies. How could Haiti have these supernatural Fictionalized monsters? How could people be turned into zombies? What force could so powerful to put these innocent men and women in mindless servants?


Haitian voodoo is one most powerful arts practiced by Houngans, Haitian Voodoo Priests. A Voodoo Priest is someone you do not want to meet or make acquaintance with. Your very mention of name or seen in sight can make you one of their next targets. Remember not all Voodoo Priests are evil, but we as Man, possess some of the most awful of vices and greed is one of them. In the mid 1900s the Houngans would target unsuspecting people, and cast an evil spell upon them. This spell would make them weaker and more susceptible for zombification.

To make the zombies, the Houngans have to prepare a magic serum days in advance. To make the serum the Haitian Voodoo Priest has to perform a special ritual with at-least 3 other practitioners to create this serum. Once the serum is created the Houngan then finds their target and easily slips it into their drink or food.

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Within a few hours the person drugged would fall without an heartbeat but would be conscious subconsciously. The medical doctors would call there bodies to be dead and ready for burial in a couple of days. There are accounts that say that the people drugged can see and hear everything that is happening to them. After the funeral the body is buried and then dug up by the Houngan that same night of the burial. At that time the person regains control of their body. They can move certain parts of their body, but are in no shape to control themselves. Each thought is not theirs but that of the Voodoo Priest.

Each survivor of Houngan Zombies have said to be working as a slave on the farms. They would be whipped and tortured by their captors. The only people that the Houngans killed were the escapees that supposedly caused an commotion for reappearing to their village after many years after their death. This is the same thing that has happened from the 1920s to the 1980s. The only way for the zombies to return to their normal sense and control is for the serum to run dry. This would be a rare case, the Houngans kept a good eye on which zombies needed the serum and which did not. When the rare case happened and the zombies regained consciousness and part of their body movements they would kill their captors and return to their villages only to be shunned away by the people that loved them. Fear combined with the human imagination is a dangerous object.

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Unlike the zombies of the modern popular culture, these zombies are real. They don't hunger for human flesh or blood. They are not the rotting corpses that appear on the television screen haunting us at night. These are the innocent men and women that have been poisoned / tricked by evil people to do things they would have never have done in their life. Not like television at all where the only villain is the zombies. The villains here are more real than anything you can even imagine from a movie on zombies.


Source by Damien Joseph