The Role of Religion in World Peace

What role should religion play in bringing about world peace? Let us get it clear here. Religion is about belief, faith and creed.

Spirituality is original, from the source, universal and mystical. But, all the religions in our world today came into existence on the image and likeness of the founder.

Religion is actually an offshoot of spirituality.

There are about 7.4 billion people in our world. Christianity has 2.1 billion followers.

Islam is trailing with 1.3 billion faithful. These are the top two, while others exist. There are also atheists, who do not belief in the existence of God.

Our religious leaders preach the gospel of holiness, salvation, Godliness, humility, devotion, etc. Prayers and sermons are not lacking in our religious circles.

Yet, everyday, we read about terrorism, militancy, kidnapping, murder, robberies and other forms of man’s inhumanity to man.

This is not a peaceful world some persons out there are dreaming about.

Religions and religious leaders have to be the doer, not the preacher of the word alone.

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Nobody was born a terrorist, a robber or a kidnapper. But, religion, circumstances and the society played crucial roles, directly or indirectly in encouraging or discouraging people on these vices.

Joseph Joluwaseyi is one of my many friends. He is a chaplain and is indeed the commandant-general of HARPAZO Chaplain Corps International.

Truth is that he inspired me to write this article. Prayer in this tumultuous world is only 1%. But, doing the job of bringing about world peace is 99%.

I was at his office in Lagos, Nigeria the other day. Joseph spoke on immoral and criminal vices that could lead to insurgence acts.

Dr Joluwaseyi wondered why some religious leaders engage the youths or the under-aged in rebellious activities and endanger the lives of others under the guise of religion.

Some clerics are playing God. They talk and behave as if they have the power over life and dead.

I was at a religious gathering the other day and a pastor openly boasted that he has the spiritual power to send any member of his church to hell or heaven.

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Well, as far as I am concerned, this very pastor is wrong. I expect him to be telling his followers about the dare consequences of terrorism, kidnapping, militancy, robberies, on the individual and the world.

Clerics are human beings like you and I. Yes, we, human beings were created in the image and likeness of God.

But, it is better to be humble, sincere, truthful, accountable, open, and fair in our dealings with ourselves and others.

Do unto others as you will have them do unto you is a golden rule that should not be ignored. Best wishes for peace profound.

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by Emmanuel Udom