[MUST READ]: Spirituality Vrs Religion

Just recently when someone asked me what religion i belonged to, i was completely baffled.
To be a religious person means you hold a certain teaching. I considered this question all day long as i could not think of a single teaching i held on to as faith.

I might be very religious if it truly existed as God’s very own creation. I believe in God and when I take a look at life I see duality in all points, man as well as female. I see cycles and things that work and also run together. I really feel if life was not created by a high knowledge then the things that exist would certainly be chaotic, mutated and not be able to work together.

The mere fact that I do not associate with a faith does not mean I am not spiritual. I constantly seek life’s answers within me as i do not depend on other’s answers, beliefs, point of views and also treatments. I seek what is right for me.
What is spirituality to me? As the mind relocates away from the links and mayhem of daily life (in the direction of the silence within), the human sense utilize higher mental as well as spiritual elements to be able to offer a much more direct understanding of the universal database of illuminations, intuitions and discoveries. By moving deeper within this silence of our consciousness (far from our sensations, emotions, judgments and also prejudices), we enter into a realm of pure logical thought where essential expertise as well as understanding are plentiful.

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I discover that when we hold a teaching it separates us not just from each other but from God and ourselves. It places limitations on us and also traps us in dogma. Through these limits we go stale as a result of one-track mind. Because God’s reality is too much for us to fathom (grip) at once as well as have to be found out line upon line and also mandate upon principle, by shutting out other facts we start to die spiritually. Just how could anybody believe they know and also hold all the fact of God? This remains in reality what these religions are telling us, that we have absolutely nothing even more to discover or to accomplish. We then begin to evaluate those that do not hold our particular doctrine as anti God.
The exploration of much deeper facts are obtainable when we overcome our ego and separateness. Silence within enables knowledge, clear thinking and insight of all we could possibly be seeking. When we stay within the silence we experience just how we are one with the entire universe.

Some Easy Spiritual Realities

Every person has a purpose.
People are spiritual naturally.
You accomplish absolutely nothing by contrasting yourself to others.
No person is without intelligence, wisdom, and understanding.
Every human being is the amount of their experiences, as well as every result is the sum of its causes.
The well worth of the human varieties undergoes its complementary partnership with all other life.
Much of what is believed in religious beliefs is based upon suggestions of people advertising self-involved agendas.
There is always a problem between those that are informed and those who focus on superficial, material quests.
In order for existence to have meaning, knowledge of the Light (ultimate universal intelligence) must exist.
You are the ultimate decision maker of what is purposeful to your mind.
When you experience fact for yourself, you are never ever the very same person.
Human beings can not exist without impacting those they encounter.
Awareness as well as change are deeper than idea or belief.
There are constantly signposts when you get on the ideal path.
You alone are accountable for your actions.
Life is meaningless without Light.
Spirituality is not religious beliefs.
Life is a representation of oneself without vanity.
The magnificent nature of a person needs to be discovered inside oneself.
Understanding only from culture which is logical and also sensible.
Spiritual progress as well as tranquility solely originates from within oneself.
Genius is developed by efforts of initial thinking, venturing to form brand-new views or realities, rather than struggling to find comfort in the concepts of others.