What is a Certified Ethical Hacker? CEH ANSI vs. CEH Practical Exams {VIDEO}

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This video is about the CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker exam and more.

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  1. If anyone is looking for certifications e.g CISSP, CCSP, CISA, CISM,
    CRISC, CEH or any other (Passing in 7 days), please contact us WhatsApp
    +1 (469) 565-9356

  2. If anyone is looking for certifications e.g CISSP, CCSP, CISA, CISM,
    CRISC, CEH or any other (Passing in 7 days), please contact us WhatsApp
    +1 (469) 565-9356

  3. I got A+ again recently, had one before (700 series), looking into sec+ currently and was wondering what exactly C|EH actually was. I am leaning more towards the security side of IT but I think I still need the work experience to actually do anything. This helped explain a bit. Not really new to IT on the personal side (started since Win 95) but company or corporate/gov't 0 yrs xp.

  4. I ordered a CEH big book to read and take notes on. I did the same for the CCNA plus took 4 classes at the college level, mostly for lab experience.

  5. I guess I'm going the other way around. I have CISSP. Now trying to test my skills against CEH. Maybe OSCP instead. We'll see. Thanks

  6. Didn't even know there were two branches of the CEH exams until I saw this video. Can you recommend any sites where good practice tests are offered for CEH ANSI?

  7. Which kind of degree we need to eligible for the ECH. I mean , I don't have any IT degree , but I want to be an ECH , tell me where to start. Plz give some suggestions.

  8. Hey there. So I passed sec+ barely. I have to try for CEH in a few months for my job and I'm not gonna lie I'm stressing. A lot. I hear it's harder than sec+ and I struggled with that. I have very little cyber experience. Any tips? Books or anything really. Anything to calm my nerves? I'll do whatever to pass just need to know what to study. Anything helps!

  9. I sat my CEH exam on Friday 30th August & Failed! I put so much time into studying & was quite upset when I saw the result. The Total Score which represents the total amount of questions is 125 & my Gained Score is 89 which constitutes 71%. I thought the pass mark was 70%, but this is not the case. The CEH exam does not have a set passing score. The cut score may vary from student to student depending on the exam test form / set of questions they receive. The easier the test form the higher the cut score and vice versa. The difficulty of the exam form, a set of questions and cut score will be unique with each attempt. I have made a goal to pass my CEH Exam before the end of 2019.

  10. hello people. I need help. I'm a student in Zimbabwe and i want to apply for accomodation. The site that the university uses is very slow and when a lot of people access it at the same time i may not be able to get accomodation on campus because there are not enough rooms. So i need help accessing the system to get a room. Help!!

  11. I've read many job postings specifically looking for an EH and one their minimum requirements is having a Bachelor's degree. Do you find that it's something they're willing to dismiss based on competence?

  12. From what I'm understanding, the CEH exam comes in two parts. Am I wrong? I'd like to know because once I get cybersecurity experience, I'd relish the opportunity to obtain this certificate.

  13. Hey, Zach! Thank you for another great and informative video, much appreciated! Do you need a certain level of maths, or is it "just" an advantage to be good at maths?

  14. I havent taken the ceh yet (currently doing the training program) but I have worked in a dedicated soc as an analyst for 7 months, have an associates in cybsec+networking. In the last 6 months I've taken and passed sec+, cysa, and splunk power user.

    NOT trying to toot my horn. What I want to get across to people is that passing a cert and fully understanding the concepts are completely different. And do NOT give up or get discouraged if you feel like you dont understand everything 100%. Daily, consistent, small spurts of studying is the way to go. Tech knowledge comes with time for most people. Really concentrate on knowing the fundamentals. Good luck to everyone out there!!

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