Ethical hacking: Footprinting & reconnaissance tutorial | Pluralsight | Video

Ethical hacking: Footprinting & reconnaissance tutorial |

In this video, Pluralsight author Dale Meredith walks you through footprinting and reconnaissance.

The full course is part 2 of our 20 course Ethical Hacking series. This course starts you at the first phase (out of 5) of hacking. You’ll begin the process of probing a system with the intent of attacking and compromising the target. This phase consists of either passively or actively acquiring evidence about a target. The goal is to gather as much data as possible about a would-be target with the goal of getting ample data to make future attacks easier and more directed.

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Image this: As an Ethical Hacker, you’ve been asked to do a “Blackbox” attack on a customer’s infrastructure. Your first step is finding out as much as you can about the “target.” You accomplish this via reconnaissance/footprinting. This is the initial stage in gaining a blueprint of the security profile of a target, and it is accomplished in an organized manner. Reconnaissance is one of the three “pre-attack phases,” and results in a unique profile of an organization’s networks and systems. “Reconning” an organization is necessary in order to systematically gather all the related data in regards to the technologies deployed within the network. Reconnaissance can take up to 90% of the time during penetration testing or an actual attack. We’ll show you how attackers are currently reconning your company, as well as discuss in detail the steps of reconnaissance. Finally we’ll look at some possible countermeasures to help discourage attackers.

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Ethical hacking: Footprinting & reconnaissance tutorial | Pluralsight

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