A Success Formula

As a world athlete I have been asked how I did it. In a nutshell I worked at it. I am not any more talented than any one of the people I coach; I just had the ability to focus my attention for longer periods of time. This comes in real handy when training and being able to stick with a program.

I do have a curious nature and an inquiring mind which led me to wonder just how good I could get at my sport. Turns out that by using The Formula For Success in the book “Quantum Rules” and paddling… a lot… I did get good enough!

The first things I did was create a strong vision of my future self in a reality I was willing to work towards. I then set goals and worked the formula in a steadfast process. Today I share this process and MY understanding of how we use energy to reach our goals.

In Quantum physics there is the idea of many future realities one can choose. All these realities exist but the ones that get and keep our attention are the ones we bring into our focus. When we understand this we have the ability to direct our thoughts to create our reality and our future selves existing in this reality. Sounds easy enough, right? But why is it that so many of us struggle with it? For me personally, it was when I understood the idea of quantum realities being a flow of my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy capacities that I was able to discipline and direct my own energy.

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When energy is scattered it has no flow pattern and without a flow it does not have the momentum required to create a strong current, or flow. The goal is to organize, coordinate and direct energy to create a strong current and flow pattern. It’s easy to be busy and have tons of energy but it is when we use energy wisely that we get specific intended results.

If we take the example of our thoughts we can see how this can relate to our ability to bring about the reality we desire. It is the choosing of thoughts that gets our attention. We know thoughts create, but it’s when we know how they create we can become masters of intention! For example; if we choose our thoughts we are organizing them.

When we can coordinate these thoughts we create focus, and, focus and attention become a clear intention. Intention is a stronger currency of energy that just focus or attention on their own. This can be somewhat related to what Wayne Dyer referred to in his book “The Power of Intention”.

Now, if we can direct our intention towards a specific outcome or goal, it becomes a pattern of flow that carries the energy of our minds into our future reality. We’ve all experienced this energy flow at times when we say, “go with the flow” or “It was electrifying” or “I was in the moment”. It’s that feeling when energy lines up and we are swept away in it. It is an awesome experience of being connected with something bigger than ourselves and feeling at one in it and with it.

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I have heard many athletes describe this experience as “being in the zone”. I myself have been on a dragon boat where all bodies are moving together in complete synchronicity making the boat feel like it’s gliding on top of the water. These moments feel out of body as our minds direct our movements with precision and accuracy making it almost effortless. It’s magical, addictive and we all strive for it.

So how do we get it and how do we keep it? We work at it. Another component in The Formula For Success is hard work. It takes effort, practice and continued persistence to train the thoughts of the mind to move in this organized and coordinated path towards our goals. It is not rocket science but understanding the science of energy flow patterns may give you the key to managing your mindset and create the reality of your future self!

In closing, I hope I didn’t offend the scientists of quantum physics and forgive me I did not relay these ideas accurately. It is my hope to offer some clarity for us regular folks who share the love of science and continue to do our best to use it in our mundane existence.


by Cheryl Roose