Book Review – Dr Bob Rotella’s ‘The Golf of Your Dreams’

Dr Bob Rotella takes a slightly different approach with ‘The Golf of your Dreams’. Instead of focusing on the mental side of the game, as with his bestselling book ‘Golf is not a Game of Perfect’, he provides readers with the tools they need to find a coach or mentor to develop them into all round players.

‘The Golf of your Dreams’ puts together a detailed plan of action for those golfers out there who are determined to lower their handicaps and shoot lower scores. He provides tips and ideas on how to communicate your dreams and desires to your chosen coach and put together an action plan for improvement that you will both be committed to.

Dr Bob Rotella is one of the worlds most respected and leading performance consultants and sports psychologists around today and ‘The Golf of your Dreams’ is a program created for success that is based on his own experiences over the years whilst working with the many of the top touring professionals.

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He utilizes strategies that have consistently proven to be successful over the years, no matter what level of golfer you are. They are strategies that if followed correctly, will ensure that you maximise your potential and become the golfer you have always wanted to be.

In ‘The Golf of your Dreams’, Dr Bob Rotella will demonstrate that you do not have to have great physical ability to be a great golfer. He explains that having the desire, patience and persistence to be the best that you can, holds a lot more weight and will dramatically improve your game if channeled in the right way.

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Just reading Dr Bob Rotella’s, ‘The golf of your Dreams’ isn’t going to make you a great golfer or significantly improve your game, your efforts and commitment will ultimately determine your success, however, this book will give you some excellent guidance and a great awareness of what you need to do, to start playing the golf of your dream!

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by Jack D A Brown