Dubious Polls and Secret Impeachment Hearings on Hearsay-The Spinning of a Conspiracy

Secretly conducted central government proceedings, which directly affect the integrity of an entire nation, a republic, always smack of fascism and illegality, and remind the reasonable and historically minded person of the conspiracies of the Nazi Party in pre-World War II Germany. According to the U.S. Constitution, articles of impeachment against a standing duly elected U.S. President can only be asserted by the U.S. House of Representatives against that President if accused of high crimes and misdemeanors. Currently, a firm majority of the American electorate, or those U.S. citizens currently old enough to vote (over 50 percent of them), are demanding to know the specific high crimes Donald Trump is accused of committing to warrant articles of impeachment in the House of Representatives. Wise pundits such as Mark Levin, Esq. have poignantly cried on television and radio insisting on complete openness and clarity from the House Democrats, especially Adam Schiff, regarding their accusations against President Trump. Fictitious polls have been created and publicized in the mainstream media, such as the New York Times, Washington Post, U.S.A. Today, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and NPR, like the outrageous headline by the U.S.A. Today proclaiming that 59% of the “American people” “say Trump saw gain via Ukraine” according to a Quinnipiac University poll. What the hell is a Quinnipiac Poll? Next week the same newspaper might scandalously cite a Girl Scout poll indicating that 70 percent of the American people say that Donald Trump should wear shorter ties of a different color than red.

As I have stated before, as have numerous other political analysts, all polls declared accurate and reliable are sorrowfully inaccurate and as crooked as a dog’s hind-leg. Most reasonable American citizens refuse to be disturbed by telephone solicitors during the evening weekday hours, or on the weekends; and that is exactly what pollsters are, disruptive telephone solicitors. These minimum wage hacks are soliciting opinions, and most hardworking Americans either refuse to answer their telephones, or hang-up immediately, when disturbed when they are either relaxing or eating meals. So, who are these pollsters contacting, if not reasonable American citizens, to make such seemingly definitive percentage proclamations? To be perfectly frank, they are lying through their teeth for their political lord, the almighty dollar. When they publicly say that they’ve contacted a thousand reasonable voting American citizens during their poll, you can be certain that they have actually contacted less than probably a hundred people, and those people were probably either children, illegal aliens who could barely speak English, or very depressed unreasonable people just wanting someone with whom to talk.

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Nonetheless, though lying to the American public is immoral, it is not illegal unless the liar is under-oath to tell the truth. A shame it is that all newspapers and radio/television news-people cannot be placed officially under-oath to credibly publish and the state the truth about a matter based upon only the relevant prevailing facts. If that were so, people like the inveterate liar Rep. Adam Shiff would not have a platform from which to spew their snake-like venom.

You see, the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives has used Shiff’s fabricated version of President’s Trump’s telephone exchange with the Ukrainian President to vaunt the hearsay statement of the alleged CIA whistleblower into the limelight. In effect, that CIA employee is not a whistleblower, but merely a gossip who didn’t hear anything directly President Trump, but only mouthed words he, or she, allegedly heard someone else say something about a phonecall between Mr. Trump and the Ukrainian President. Yet, Mr. Trump has already disclosed an official transcript of the telephone call, and there was nothing in it that could possibly be construed as improper or illegal. What this effort designed by the Democrats to impeach Mr. Trump boils down to is an illegal pragmatic conspiratorial fiat to remove the President from office; since they couldn’t do it legally through the 2016 Election and the Russia-collusion witch-hunt, called the Mueller investigation. Mr. Trump came through each of these farcical gauntlets shining brightly like a new silver dollar. Just like Hillary Clinton’s perverse and illegal Obama-era State Department dealings, email illegalities, and her pathological lying came back to bite her in the rear, causing her to lose the 2016 Presidential Election and the trust of the American electorate, all of the underhanded illegal doings of the Democrat Party before and since 2017 to harm President Trump is going to cause the Democrats to lose a House majority and the Presidential election in 2020.

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The secret committee hearings in the U.S. House of Representatives occurring on Capitol Hill will only serve to create suspicion in the collective mind of the American electorate, to denigrate and discredit Mr. Trump’s accusers. Openness and disclosure are the hallmarks of a constitutional republic. In the end, those million-or-so people, illegal aliens, dead Americans, and many dead-minded Democrats, who, by the pragmatic political machinations of the Democrat Party in the “big-city” states, will end-up voting in the 2016 election for a Democrat socialistic candidate, will not hardly be not be enough votes to match the great popular-vote of the reasonably minded American heartland, which will certainly give President Trump over 300 electoral votes and ensure his reelection. The voice and will of the true American electorate will be heard loud and clear.


by Norton Nowlin