Michael Singer – Resilience Meditation for Challenging Times | Video

Join Michael A Singer and Tami Simon as they discuss the importance of building resilience during these challenging times and what you can do to better manage, both the mental and physical. He stresses the importance of staying calm, clear, open and filled with good energy.
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  1. This is so supremely helpful. What a beautiful idea. I’ve been working with Unteathered soul for years and recently I’ve been listening to Micheal’s lecture series about it. His voice is the only thing that makes sense to me some days. I think he’s one of the most important individuals of our time. I wish I could tell him that.

  2. Michael Singer, thanks for your teachings. I keep reading your books and listening to your videos and every time I do, I realize more and more. Thanks ? ???

  3. A beautiful reminder to make friends with our minds and to continue our daily practice.

    Thank you for helping us remember to use our breath to tap into the infinite intelligence of life here on planet earth.

    Thank you for infecting us with your compassion and reminding us of the power of regular mantras. I like many others, have been following Deva and Miten at the same time each day throughout lockdown and their divine music really does help still the mind and soothe the soul.

    I loved all your questions Tami and all your answers to Micheal.

    Thank You Thank You Thank You for all the work you do for us all to help each of us learn how to live from a place of surrender.

  4. My take away from this great interview is to picture my heart as a pristine beautiful place like heaven where I can throw out any garbage I find n don't let more in.. its, a place of beauty truth rest with peace and clarity, lots of love and joy.
    . my ego mind is much like an overcrowded city with lots of dangerous places, filth etc.. as long as I choose heaven in my heart the outsides take care of themselves in Divine time..

  5. Yes, I am reaping the benefits of my work. I have been as happy as a clam during this pandemic shutdown. Got a lot of new insights. Different verbiage at times has deeper resonance. Thank you, Mike.

  6. Exactly!! It’s happening whether we understand it, thank you! I’ve tried tried to stay communicating with God and surrendering….God didn’t let this happen, but God will us through it. I’ve resumed journaling my thoughts, i watch bible studies, and now I’ve found you…spiritual food for my soul, thank you.

  7. "Living from a place of surrender" — beautiful sharing of your use of Michael's words, Tami. I will remember, especially when I can't sleep. You are a superb interviewer, Tami. I recognized you last summer at Hollyhock and told you that then too. Thank you so much for all that you do and for all that you be. ?❤️

  8. Thank you for uploading this interview for free ? This is a very humble man, his energy is so warm it touches my heart. His teaching and his wisdom always ground me. Always manages to guide me home.

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