Namaste Music: Flute Meditation | Video

Flute Music for Meditation & Yoga | To see this music performed live:

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  1. Nice to find my music (and my face!) in a channel that promotes music for the heart and soul. Thank you. This is a track was recorded completely LIVE during the music meditations “Doorway to Silence” that I have been offering around the world – for this reason the music carries a deep and peaceful energy.This particular track – “Talking to Nature" – is my thank you to Nature for all the inspiration it always showers on me. You can purchase the track here: You can see more of my live events – including the one in which this track was recorded – in my YT channel May there be peace in the heart of every man. 🙏 ~Shastro

  2. When I listen to this song at night it makes me fall asleep in a minute but other songs make me stay up all night and one day I my stomach was hurting and I found this song and i clicked in it and it made me fall asleep in no time

  3. I felt immersed in the sea of this melody, carried by the tides of musical notes streaming from the flute.. swept me away and took me to the banks of Ganga only to witness Krishna playing it. This is divine!

  4. I always imagine myself being at the lakeside in the evening with gentle touch of breeze through my hair❤️ feels like m getting all the blessings🙏🏻

  5. Namaste Buddha's Lounge,

    Is it okay if I reupload this on VidLii? It's a remake of the old classic YouTube from before 2010. Music like this is MISSING on VidLii.


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