PlayStation 3 Won’t Read Disc? How to Fix PS3 Blu Ray Drives

If your PlayStation 3 won’t read discs then you have come to the right place. In this article you are going to learn how to fix PS3 Blu Ray drives with step-by-step instructions. Keep reading to learn how to save $150, because you won’t need to send your PS3 back to Sony, as well as how you can be gaming again in less than an hour, rather than having to wait weeks to get your console fixed.

In order to fix your PS3’s Blu Ray drive you will need a set of appropriately sized, cross-headed screwdrivers; one of those sets that has various sizes will contain the right one, and you will probably have one of these lying around somewhere.

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Also, you will need a replacement laser lens for the Blu Ray drive, so you will need either a replacement drive from which you can “salvage” the lens, or you can purchase online part number #kem-400aaa.

The actual process for repairing the Blu Ray drive on your PS3 console is not all that difficult. You have to remove the drive from your console after disconnecting the power cable and data ribbon, remove the protective metal casing on the outside of the drive, then the black colored plate which protects the delicate laser lens and mechanism itself.

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Next, unscrew the screws which hold the laser lens in place, remove the old lens, and then install the new one. After this, you simply have to put everything back together, seat the Blu Ray drive back in place, reconnect the data ribbon and the power cable, and then your PS3 should be working again like brand new.


by James Philipson