Scala Tutorials – Closures | Video

This Scala tutorial video explains the Closures and answers why we need closures in functional programming.


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  1. Hi,
    Your tutorials are excellent and help to learn well.
    small correction for the closure code this video though, there is no need to pass 'empId' to getComputation.

  2. Can you explain that after spark 2.0 versions onward how to convert RDD into dataframe and datasets, do we need to convert or automatically it happens? can we not create dataframe and dataset without conversion from RDD?? please clear it!

  3. Hi Sir,

    During the starting of this closure showed it like free variables value declared outside the function.but in the last example where you discussed about calculating hike of an employee there are two variables e and p which used and declared inside the same function get computation..yes the last line of code anonymous function but it is inside the get computation right sir .can you please clarify sir

  4. Sir,you talked about github link in your video, i dont see any link like"show more" so i could see description link, am i missing something…by the way… great explanations sir.

  5. Sir, Your explanations are simply exceptional. I had heard about spark tutorial video during watching Scala video, is it published as I am not able to locate it.

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