SMS Language – Some Examples of Text Messages Including Txt Abbreviations

Is the SMS language taking over the English-speaking world?

Is it taking over the non-English speaking world, too? Well, this article is a brief insight into SMS language, and it includes some examples of text messages, with some popular text message abbreviations (aka SMS dictionary) included too. And, as you read it, I hope this SMS language article illuminates rather than irritates.

Remember, it’s not only on mobile phones that such SMS language is appearing these days:

* Facebook and Twitter updates are equally likely to have shorthand sentences that could look meaningless to many

* Instant messaging software like Skype often sees people writing in “txt speak”

* And online forum messages, where everyone is in such a hurry (or people just don’t know any better), are often littered with these so-called text message abbreviations

So whilst you may soon be gritting your teeth (as you read this SMS language article), remember it *is* useful to know a bit of this txt lingo…


Okay, here are some examples of text messages including some classic cell phone abbreviations:

1) My smmr hols wr CWOT

2) I wntd 2 go hm ASAP, 2C my M8s again

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Believe it or not, these SMS examples were taken from an English essay submitted by a 13 year old British teenager. At school. Seriously! And their meaning, of course is…

1) My summer holidays were a complete waste of time

2) I wanted to go home as soon as possible, to see my mates again

I could easily make up an SMS example or two, by removing vowels and shortening words as much as possible – lk ths, u c! – but I believe this genuine SMS example is of more educational value.

Yes, that’s how the SMS language is composed – it’s all about word reduction, fewer characters to type (crucial for speed, for example, as well as space on Facebook and Twitter status updates!) But then it’s all about knowing some well-established SMS shortcuts too – no need to reinvent the wheel, I guess. And that’s where text message abbreviations come in, otherwise known as ‘SMS dictionary’.

Here’s a really short example of what I mean:


BF – boyfriend

GF – girlfriend

D8 – date

L8 – late

U – you

LMAO – laugh my ass off

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IMAO – in my arrogant opinion

IMHO – in my humble opinion

(Er, in my humble opinion, opinions should always be humble!;-) )

And, finally, here are a few txt msg abrs for you to nod your head in agreement with…


BRB – be right back

RUT – are you there?

LOL – laugh out loud

MTE – my thoughts exactly

OMG – Oh my God!

AFZ – acronym free zone (!)

FFS – for *freak* sake

2M2H – too much to handle

2MI – too much information

IK – I know

:-* – kiss

:-@ – screaming

O:-) – saintly

πŸ˜‰ – wink (just in case you didn’t know!)

NB freak is more often replaced with a different word beginning with F! If you get my drift!

As with all languages, the SMS language is ever-evolving, and only a few of the thousands of words/phrases/shortcuts available will ever be in common use at any one time. So panic not!

Still, these examples of SMS messages give a flavour of the communication going on out there, via phone or online…


Source by Steve Nash