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Statistics Video Tutorials at a Glance: What to Expect In Intro Stats Video Tutorial Series?
Introduction to Statistics Complete Series:
More Statistics and R Programming Videos:

▶︎ In this short video we try to provide an understanding of what these statistics tutorials are, and what they aren’t. These videos attempt to provide an intro, or overview, of many different topics in statistics.

▶︎ These Statistics Video Tutorials focus on concepts, not calculations!

▶︎ Some of the topics covered in this series include Standard Deviation, Confidence Interval, Hypothesis Testing, Bootstrapping and Resampling, t distribution, Confidence Interval and Margin of Error, Student t test, one tailed and two tailed hypothesis testing, types of errors in hypothesis testing, power of a test, Bivariate analysis, ANOVA and more.

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▶︎ Whenever possible, we try to provide the link to the accompanying R Programming Tutorials for the videos.

► ► Watch More:

► Intro to Statistics Course:
►Data Science with R
►Getting Started with R (Series 1):
►Graphs and Descriptive Statistics in R (Series 2):
►Probability distributions in R (Series 3):
►Bivariate analysis in R (Series 4):
►Linear Regression in R (Series 5):
►ANOVA Concept and with R
►Hypothesis Testing:
►Linear Regression Concept and with R Lectures

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Thanks for watching! Have fun and remember that statistics is almost as beautiful as a unicorn!



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