Jon Kabat Zinn Body Scan Meditation GUIDED MEDITATION | Video

The spiritual teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn teaches us about body scan meditation


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  1. I was introduced to jon in 2005 by a very young therapist and I thought what a load of BS but I stayed with it and now this is a part of me that o l would not do without, I do it in planes, airports, hotels and even boring meetings but with my eyes open, it is hard not to drift off and keep those thoughts …practice makes perfect..but we never get perfect in this so just enjoy

  2. Been using mindfulness meditation body scan about 3 years. This was the first one i used and i must say it's the most deepest and thoroughly. I wonder why it has so low views.
    Thank you Jhon 🙏

  3. I have great difficulty to practice this one. Either I fall asleep or I can't help toss back and forth or stretch my body. I can do breath meditation, oneness meditation, yoga meditation, sitting meditation with ease and peace. But this one makes me feel same as sleepless night. I tossed on the bed and cannot find any comfortable position. There is no sensation at all – no ache, no itchy, no cold or hot but the urge to change postures. Every position is not comfortable but I do not know why. I cannot use my mind to control the body to make it still. It really troubles me. The only time I did it well when I was in pain and panic. Is this designed for people with pain or cultivate the ability to know one's own body such as messages, signals or insights for healing? May Jon give me some guidance here?

  4. I tried this one week ago and lost many times in the middle then crashed near the end. The feeling was similar as the extreme tiredness. I just cannot hold any longer. Tonight, a small bone stuck in my throat with overwhelming pain and panic. I tried this again and it went well. I'm no longer panic and the pain became manageable. But I still cannot feel anything except the pain. I tried to breath in and out from each part of the body but no any sensation. The duration between inhale and exhale is so short that I have no enough time to send it. Any one can help?

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  7. IM VERY THANKFUL for this….! I have listened this for the first time, and it’s given me such an incredible feeling of peaceful and relaxing well-being . God bless you for this priceless gift🌈💚

  8. everything felt normal and relaxing until the forhead area for some reason when i started to focus on that area i started to get a horrible burning sensation almost like i was gonna cry or go mad or something same with the head area but not as intense. does anyone know the reason why it happens?

  9. This is the first time I listened to this meditation. It was very helpful and peaceful. I feel better after listening, even though I have chronic pain that I’ve had for 60 years. Thank you very much! 🙏💕

  10. I listen daily, and because I listen so much it's automatic now so I can be in the moment randomly , I'm very grateful 🙏

  11. I fell asleep and had a terrible nightmare of people trying to set me on fire & running to escape while they set themselves on fire & I run to the elevator

  12. I hope this body scan meditation is going really well for you! Meditation is very powerful and it's great you are taking the time to practice. I'd love you to check out some of the guided meditations on my channel sometime.

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