Pink Boxing Gloves – A Symbol of Hope for Sufferers of Breast Cancer

On first sight you wouldn’t think that a pair of pink boxing gloves has a place in the raw and violent world of professional and amateur women’s boxing. Well these days a pair of pink boxing gloves have become more than just a fashion trend for female boxers; they have been transformed into an iconic symbol for the prevention of breast cancer all over the world. Thanks to the efforts of several charitable groups and the a few popular female and male fighters who have chosen to sport a pretty pair of pink boxing gloves for the cause, more and more people are paying attention to the real dangers of breast cancer. In fact the number of male professional boxers who have donned a pair of pink gloves during headline bouts out number female boxers, these brave hero’s include Monte Barrett and Gianluca Di Caro.

Each year the month of October signals the start of “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” an event that was initially started as a US charity event organized by the “American Cancer Society” to help increase the public’s awareness of this disease and rally large companies to donate towards research into developing treatments. Now an international event, several big name boxing equipment companies have rolled out their own unique line of professional ‘pink boxing gloves’ that are specially designed for female boxers. If you’re a boxing enthusiast yourself or an active female boxer who feels passionately about helping sufferers of breast cancer, you can do your bit to create positive change by simply wearing a pair of pink boxing gloves or any other piece of pink boxing equipment.

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Here are 2 recently popular pink colored boxing gloves that you may want to consider for your next training session or public bout:

Ever Last: Pro-style women’s grappling training gloves

Made from premium synthetic leather these stylish easy fit training gloves are perfect for both amateur and professional boxers looking for light weight and comfortable fit gloves that have open finger tips for free movement. These gloves boast a Velcro wrist wrap for a more customizable fit and ergonomic padding that has been carefully added to key areas for complete protection during bag training and partner sparing. Due to their unique and comfy fit design these particular gloves can be used in a wide range of sporting events including kick-boxing, standard boxing and mixed martial arts fighting.

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Century Diamond Tech Pink/Black 10 ounce boxing gloves

These babies are perfect for a range of boxing and martial arts sports as they offer fighter ample padded protection that makes use of specially designed light weight foam technology and a durable synthetic material covering which is easy to clean and maintain. These trendy boxing gloves come in black with pretty pink trimmings giving them a sleek finish; they are sold in a standard medium size built for female boxers aged 18 although a good fit depends on the size of the wearers hands. The gloves are a two piece item with an adjustable Velcro wrap around wrist strap which allows them to be put on and taken off with ease.

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by Edwin Price