XBox 360 Red Ring Permanent Repair – Do You Have 120 Minutes For It?

How long does it take for the XBox 360 red ring permanent repair? Under 120 minutes! That’s only 2 hours!

Since it only takes 2 hours, it is an excellent option for you if your XBox 360 is out of warranty and you don’t feel like sending it to support and having to wait for a month to get it back.

Don’t worry, this permanent repair won’t require special tools or anything. You will be using common household tools.

It is a safe repair. None of that toweling or soldering stuff.

The best way to go about the XBox 360 red ring permanent repair is to get a good repair guide.

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Why the guide?

Because you don’t want to risk doing something wrong and ruining your XBox 360 for good! The good guides will show you detailed videos so you can follow along and do exactly the steps that are needed.

You don’t need to be an engineer nor a rocket scientist to follow along. The guides present the information so that you, as a gamer, can fix your XBox.

As a side note, after you get the guide and have fixed your own XBox 360 you can go ahead and offer your new services to others. You will be able to use the guide and fix other people’s Xboxes that are not working. Or you can even buy broken Xboxes and fix them and then resell them to people at a profit.

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Once you get get good at the XBox 360 red ring permanent repair, you will be able to repair an XBox in under 2 hours. People have been able to finish the repair within 30 minutes!

Which should you look for in a repair guide?

Make sure the guide has a guarantee and has a sample video you can check out.


by A Yang